Providing Specialized Services for Maximum Results

If you have a business and are in the midst of preparing your taxes, then you may be interested in the following tips to help get ready. Along with learning of the ways to better-prepare, it may be in your best interest to consult a certified public accountant (CPA). When consulting with a professional accountant, your business tax return preparation can be much less stressful. Furthermore, you can have added peace of mind knowing that your forms are thoroughly checked before being filed.

Tips for your business:

  • Max out retirement contributions
  • Be sure to check tax deadlines
  • Look for business tax credits
  • Include travel expenses

The accountants at GYL Decauwer, LLP are skilled and capable of helping you sort through the tax codes for businesses. In addition to federal and state taxes, you must be aware of local taxes. Another tip to take into account is looking into selling capital assets if they will be taxed at a more favorable rate (such as stock). By enlisting the services of GYL Decauwer, LLP, you can better prepare and learn of the tax incentives and exceptions that may be of great benefit. Fontana or Loma Linda businesses are encouraged to learn more about the accounting services offered.